Not So Nomad ‘s mission is to inspire and educate individuals of the wonderful diversity of our country through exploration of National, and State Parks throughout the United States and Canada. It is a journey to learn the challenges our wildlife face, and meet the people who care for these parks. 

  The focus is mainly on wildlife and landscapes through photography, video, and writing. Through this media, I hope to share my findings with everyone who wants to follow my journey, but especially for those who might not have the ability to go on an adventure like this.

  The inspiration for this journey comes from my love for nature and the environment that has been with me my entire life. I have worked over the past twenty years for non-profit whose focus was on conservation and education. My job and I parted ways in November of 2018.  The idea then developed over the next couple of months to drive to the southwest and “go off the grid.”

I planned on turning my Subaru into what I called the stealth camper, a quarter of a bedroom in the back of my suv, fully furnished with solar power and a fridge. I mapped a route that would take me through the deserts New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado and finally California.