The Roswell Incident…

… and the Voyage of the Kon-Tiki

I am five days removed from Roswell, New Mexico, and just getting time to sit down and catch up on my writing. However it might be more than five days before you see this post because there is sporadic cell phone signal here. I am currently southwest of Carlsbad, New Mexico in the Guadalupe section of the Lincoln National Forest, and have found a decent spot to make camp for a couple of days. For now though, let’s talk about UFOs (and Roswell).

Update: I am now in Las Cruces New Mexico

I arrived in Roswell on Friday, February something or other. A week ago I could have told you the exact date, but once I crossed into mountain standard time, minutes, seconds, hours, and days became then, now, and what the f#ck next. There was a blinding light that lit up my room that evening, and that might have contributed to my loss of my sense of time too.

Well, Roswell is kitschy but pretty cool. Towards the center of town where the International UFO Museum and Research Center is located, the light posts all have alien faces on them. The Dunkin Donuts even has a giant statue of a green alien holding the sign that says Dunkin Donuts!

However, let’s get down to business. Aside from the encounter that took place this last weekend, let’s roll the tape back to :

Wednesday, July 2 1947

For an improved reading experience, try to read this as if Jack Webb from the TV series Dragnet were narrating.

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In the small town of Corona, 75 miles northwest of Roswell, rancher Mack Brazel heard a noise unlike no other. Not thunder, or the wind, or the howling of coyotes somewhere out there in the warm summer night.

Meanwhile, down in Roswell, at the St. Mary’s Hospital, two nuns witnessed a red light descending from the heavens northwest of the town.

And in the middle of the Pacific, floating along the Humboldt Current, was the raft, the Kon-Tiki.

Thursday, July 3 1947

The following day back near Corona, Brazel, and his neighbor’s son, Dee Proctor (age 7 at the time) were working on the Foster Ranch when they came upon a huge field of debris, as wide as a football field, and stretching 3/4 of a mile long.

Back in Roswell, the two nuns most likely returned to work at St. Mary’s Hospital.

Debris from Foster Ranch?
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Sunday July 6, 1947

Sheriff Wilcox was working behind his desk at the Roswell Sheriff’s department when Mack Brazel walks through the doors to the department carrying two boxes of strange material collected from the Foster Homestead.

Wilcox then takes it upon himself to call Jesse Marcel. Described as ” a man in plain clothes,” Marcel was the intelligence officer at the Roswell Army Air Field, or the RAAF as referred to by the locals.

Marcel heads to the Roswell Sheriff’s department to investigate.

Elsewhere, sailing the pacific, Thor Heyerdahl, and his crew on the Kon-Tiki, had not seen land for over two months. Back in Roswell, two nuns attended church, while in Corona young Dee Proctor was most likely up to something.

Monday July 7, 1947

Captain Sheridan Cavitt, head of the Army Counter Intelligence Corp, accompanies Brazel, and Marcel to the debris field outside of Corona. The cowboy, the captain, and the intelligence maker then proceed to investigate the area.

That same day back in Roswell, assistant funeral director of the Ballard Funeral Home receives a phone call from the RAAF inquiring to the number of child size caskets that are currently in stock, and when he could possibly be receiving more. He receives more calls that day inquiring the process in preserving bodies exposed to the weather…. strictly for further reference.

Later that day, Dennis assists an airman that was in a motorcycle accident to the RAAF Hospital. There were ambulances parked there where Dennis saw “strange stuff,” in the back. He bumps into a nurse friend working there and she informs him that he had to leave immediately. He is escorted off the base.

Meanwhile, in Massachusetts, the Salem Evening News headlines report that in Wenham MA, two mysterious discs race through the evening sky, and a similar disc was seen in broad daylight in Beverly MA.

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Tuesday July 8, 1947

Public Realtions officer, Lt. William Haut, is instructed by the RAAF head, Col. Blanchard to issue a press release about the recovery of a flying saucer on the Foster Ranch. Haut immediately issues a statement on the Associated Press wire. The press release informs the public that the alien craft was no longer there, and the public need not explore the Brazel Crash Site.

Jesse Marcel heads to Fort Worth Texas, with some of the debris that was collected, to Gen. Roger M. Ramey of the Eighth Air Force. When Marcel shows Ramey the debris, Ramey asks Marcel to leave the room. When Marcel returns, he notices that the debris was replaced with pieces of a weather balloon. Gen. Ramey than has Marcel pose for photos with the substituted weather balloon.

Back in Roswell, Glenn Dennis meets with his nurse friend from from the base hospital and she draws the bodies she saw at the hospital.

On the RAAF base, Captain Oliver Wendell “Pappy” Henderson, who flew over thirty missions in a B-24 Liberator (bomber) over Europe, was instructed to fly the “bodies,” to Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton Ohio.

As for little Dee Proctor and the nuns? Not sure what they were doing, but somewhere east of French Polynesia in the pacific ocean, Bengt Danielsson was collecting flying fish that landed on the deck of the Kon-Tiki during the night.

Wednesday July 9, 1947… The Cover Up

Associated Press reports that the flying saucer recovery was actually a weather balloon.

Mack Bazel is held by the military for the next three days. They were “inspiring” Bazel to modify his story to that of a crashed weather balloon.

Twenty-nine days later, the Kon-Tiki would get stuck on a reef on the uninhabited atoll of Raroia, ending it’s expedition across the Pacific.

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The UFO Museum

It is officially called the International UFO Museum and Research Center. The self guided tour leads you in a counter clockwise journey retelling the story of the Roswell Incident, UFO’s in media, and other close encounters spanning the ages of civilizations.

The best Five Dollars I spent in Roswell.

Close Encounter of the NotSoNomad Kind

Back to the present day and the incident that occurred outside my hotel window, in Roswell New Mexico, sometime on a Friday.

Everything in my room began to shake and rattle as the blinding light pierced through the curtains. Then the window shattered inward and a voice said; “Don’t worry about that, we’ll fix it when we leave.”

Another voice chimed in and said that they wanted to set the record straight as to how the human race came to being, and pay tribute to their fallen comrades.

Well, to the best of my recollection and a very convincing story by these two aliens, is that, yes, we do come from alien life. Not like what you would think though.

Waste Station X

Millions of years ago earth used to be a waste station kind of like a truck stop. It was for anyone who traveled between galaxies. Ya know like in a camper it has a tank for dirty water, dirtier water, and clean water? Well, same principle, aliens would stop here and empty their waste before moving on.

Donated to the Museum At Roswell

Ya know how evolution suggests that the first life came from the mud? Well, it didn’t. It came from the sewage that these space travelers were dumping here. At some point, the earth was getting to heavy with alien sewage, and our planet, that had perfect parallel axis to the sun, began to tip over causing the earth to tilt on its axis.

Well the aliens (they actually prefer to be called time travelers) knew that if they continued to dump their waste here, it would cause the earth to fall out of orbit and crash into another planet which could have catastrophic consequences to not only this galaxy, but a number of galaxies around it! So they had to alter their route between galaxies so as not to cause anymore damage.

At some point when homosapien emerged a time traveling ship must have gone of course and stopped here because in a lot of monotheistic cultures stories tell how man was made from clay or something like that…. so I think there is some connection… maybe it was a time traveler that told Moses “dude it is uncool to kill anyone, just try loving your neighbor bro!”

Truth and Consequences

The next thing I knew, I awoke the following morning. Everything seemed to be in place, the window had been replaced, but the six of Guinness I had purchased the previous day had been consumed.

A thumb drive was left on the desk where I had been working. On it was this .wav file. It must have been written for their fellow time travelers who lost their lives back in 1947.

For Our Lost Time Travelers

Thanks For All The Fish

Unfortunately the expedition of the Kon-Tiki was overshadowed by the Roswell incident. So I gave it a bit of homage here. All the photos were taken at the International UFO Museum and Research Center. For more recent updates, please follow me on Facebook, and please consider making a small donation to assist with these endeavors. Peace

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