First Stop, Cadillac Ranch…

“You’re my last love you’re my last chance
Don’t let ’em take me to the Cadillac ranch” – Bruce Springsteen

The grueling 1,953 mile drive form Boston is now over. The next month or so I will be traveling New Mexico, and Arizona. I will be heading to the Gila National Forest, White Sands National Monument, the Coronado National Forest, and, yup, the Grand Canyon. Those are just to name a few.

Cadillac, Cadillac, I want me my Cadillac

Today I arrived in Amarillo Texas and my first point of interest was the Cadillac Ranch. The original installation was in 1974, but was relocated in 1997 due to urban planning/expanding. It now sits in a cow pasture in plain site off of Route 66.

The avant-garde architectural firm (art collective) Ant Farm, founded in San Francisco in 1968, were the creative minds behind this public art. The ten Cadillacs are buried nose first and have been placed at an angle that corresponds with the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Cadillacs selected for this public art piece are all baby boomers. So they all range in age from 1949 to 1963. Hudson Marquez, one of the masterminds with the Ant Farm, and a fan of Cadillacs, wanted to show the rise and fall of the tailfin.

Do You See the Elephant?

Cadillac Ranch is considered an interactive exhibit. People are encouraged to spray paint the vehicles. So it has been years since the original colors have been seen. Apparently the cars wer briefly restored to their original colors but it lasted less than twenty four hours before they were graffiti-ized.

Margarita Time

After my visit with the Cadillacs it was off to the urban lodging for one last night in civilization. To kick off my Southwest Journey, I found a restaurant that had two dollar margaritas(every Wednesday!), and a two minute walk from the hotel.

And Tomorrow?

I started Route 66 in St.Louis. I am sure there would have plenty of stops along the way, but Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo was my first stop. Tomorrow I head south to photograph Sand Hill cranes for the next couple of days. This will also be my first off the grid (dispersed camping) on this journey. So I will see (type) to you all in a few days. I did play the road kill game today too…. Anyway… Peace!

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