400 Miles To Amarillo

“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” – Will Rogers

The Roadkill Game

6 raccoons, 4 white tail deer, and 2 Skunks. For 621 miles, I think that is a pretty low score. However there was no competition, so I win! Yup, I drove 621 miles from Indianapolis to Claremore Oklahoma today. Aside from the roadkill game I listened to Led Zeppelin’s first six albums, Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here, and the screams of 6 raccoons, 4 white tail deer, and 2 Skunks (just kidding).

Consumption Junction, What’s Your Function

Since I began this journey last Friday, I have driven 8,284,329 feet which is the equivalent of 51,777 football fields or 1,569 miles. That consumed 71 gallons of gas, a half gallon of water, two diet Pepsis, one banana, one orange, a ham and cheese sandwich I purchased from a Subway, and one Prilosec. I don’t think I have consumed anything from Subway in over twenty years. Apologies to those customers that were in line behind me, because I did not have the fast food lingo down. So it took a little bit longer than normal to order.

Kudos to Loves Travel Stop! That place rocks! Aside from the cleanliness of there facilities (I stopped at three of them for gas, etc), they had a WHOLE aisle devoted for the connoisseur of various cured meats. And you shall never know if was led into temptation down Aisle Three for some smoked turkey jerky….More importantly, nice people.

The Road Goes On

So tomorrow I head for Amarillo for one last stay in civilization, and a visit to the Cadillac Ranch. Then we’ll go off the grid and see what we discover, who we meet, and explore the diversity of the South West!

Right now, in my hotel room I am looking down at Route 66 in Claremore Oklahoma, home of the Will Rogers Museum. Another early start tomorrow. So… Peace

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