One Week To Go…

just a quick update

for the new fishing hole

With one week to go I have been extremely busy, as you could imagine, if you have been following previous posts. What a pain it is to pack, and consolidate, but the end is almost in site. A week from today, I will be on the road heading to South Kent Connecticut to meet up with an old friend of mine from my high school days, and then visit the old stomping ground before heading west.

So I depart these salty shores of New England after thirty years in Massachusetts, and twenty-two in New York. It feels as though my heart is being ripped from my chest as I leave so many friends. So many friends. I can’t seem to find the right (creative) words on why I am heading west. I do have family out there (and friends), and that is a big reason. But there is something else that I hope to uncover and share. My sister has coined this “my Trip to Enlightenment.”

So back to packing and cleaning as I prepare to find my new fishing hole. Peace.

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