Getting Ready for the Road

Quick Update

With just over twenty days to go until departure from Massachusetts it has become crunch time. I have been busy packing boxes and putting them into storage. My only complaint has been how much boxed up books weigh. I literally have been saving books from my high school days. So maybe I am a book hoarder and this is the price I pay; having to lug heavy boxes of books form place to place? Personally, I have always found that the best wall paper are the spines of books.


Anyway, one of the most recent accomplishments on the car build out is the platform for the back of the car. This gives me a level sleeping area and a bit of storage space. The platform folds up in two place. First is access to the spare tire well. For sleeping, I need the front passenger seat positioned all the way forward so I fit. So the second hinged part of the platform folds back to the rear of the car enabling me to slide the passenger seat back and access to the “behind the seats” storage area. Part of the solar setup is also stored behind the passenger seat. Many thanks to my good friend David M who built the platform for me.

Once the platform was installed, I added some padding and a Mexican Falsa blanket. Just some added comfort and aesthetics .

Almost there now. I just have to place the storage bins I have for food, clothing, and other miscellaneous supplies. Unfortunately, there is no room for the “wallpaper.”

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3 thoughts on “Getting Ready for the Road

    1. That never crossed my mind…. thanks! I do have one drawer in my setup where I am keeping a couple of books for reference on birds, animals, flowers, trees, etc.


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