I Can See Tomorrow

Part One, The Red Crescent Years

“Every age that binds is just another day gone by.” John H. Ryan

A Red Crescent Sect, at Bunratty’s M

Today is a good day for me to write about music. In many ways it could be a sobering day to write about one of my favorite passions, but today has it’s significance. Today could quite possibly be my last gig in Boston (at least for quite sometime).

Thirty years ago I moved to Boston, Massachusetts, from Southampton, New York, with my band of brothers. Yes, an actual band unlike Henry IV’s band (army) who raised Cain in Brittany, but a band of aspiring kids with their guitars, drums, and amps (leather jackets, earrings, and all things black).

The famous Rat of Kenmore Square

Like many a young band we had ambitions of being Boston’s next great act. We were to surpass such great legends like Aerosmith, Boston, or the Cars! Well, that didn’t happen. For the six odd years we were together, A Red Crescent Sect (that was our name was back then) played quite a bit at many of the local clubs, The Rat, The Middle East, Green Street, TT’s, Bunratty’s, and The Midway, where I will be playing today. We even recorded a handful of songs (listen at your own risk).

The band eventually went their separate ways in the early nineties, in the pursuit of being able to pay rent. I am glad to say that we all, to this day, continue to pursue our love for music. Though we have mostly moved out of the Boston area, we still are in touch and are proud of the mini-cult following ARCS created.

So two of us remain in the Boston area, until the end of the month when I say goodbye and journey west. It seems only fitting that my last gig be at the Midway Cafe. I have probably performed there the most, with a plethora of bands I have been with.

ARCS at The Coconut Club, NY

So for the rest of this month as I prepare for my travels, I am going to create another page dedicated to my music I have written over the past thirty years, as I continue to unfurl the history of my musical “career.”

next up, The Wet Orange Years

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