An Empty Canvas

Well I got less than two months to convert my 2009 Subaru Forester into my mini motor home and office, and there is nothing like an empty canvas to start with.My Forester  Yup, with all that (lack of) space I have to be able to create my bedroom, living room, office, kitchen, and….. oh piss, I can’t seem to remember what that last thing was.

For the past several weeks I have been scribbling in my notebook, sketching lay outs, and taking measurements. The easiest thing to figure out was where the sleeping accommodations would be. There will actually be two places. The first place is right behind the passenger seat, but it just isn’t long enough to accommodate my length. So I am left with two options. The first option would be to remove part of my fibula and tibia roughly six inches below my knee. However, option two, all I would have to do is slide the passenger seat all the way up. Option two it is! The second accommodation will be in my one man tent (which can actually fit one man and on woman… cough cough).

Now that I have my sleeping arrangements all set, that leaves me the other half of the car to haul all the other crap, like my refrigerator. What?!?!?!

Yes, I will be installing a small fridge that will run Alpicool 20off my solar setup. Aside from my fridge I will need power to charge my laptop and other gadgets. To start, I have a Renogy 100 watt solar panel that which connects to solar charge converter (the Renogy Adventurer).Solar panel, inverter, controller, battery
The converter connects to a Renogy 12 volt 100 amp hour deep cycle gel battery. Finally, from the battery I need to take that direct current (DC) an change it into an alternating current (AC). So I purchased a Krieger 1100 watt inverter. All said and done, I hope my math to figure out my max wattage works. It would be nice to add another solar panel and battery. However, I am not made of money, but 60% of me is water! And that will be our next topic… Water….





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