WARNING: the material you are about to view may be disturbing to some…especially if you like squirrels.


How it got there? Who really knows. The fact is that a Great Black Hawk, native to Central and South America has found a comfortable little park in Portland Maine. This is one for the records.

Now one of the things I enjoy most about birding is the challenge of having to find our little avian friends. Sometimes you can spend a whole day looking for a rare bird that was reported at a particular place and not find the critter you were so eager to see after driving four hours. Only to find out that it was spotted moments after you left. Not so today.

IMG_2479  It was quite cold when Round Eye and H Dawg (thats our code names to protect our identity) arrived at Deering Oaks Park, in Portland today. It’s a pretty small park with clusters of oaks and pines, a water feature, and lots of squirrels. The park is surrounded by brownstones so all the residents have to park on the street, making it a bit of a challenge to find a space (we found out later, when we left, that there was a parking lot… oh well). It just so happens we came across a couple of spaces, and even better, our young buteo friend, who we drove two hours to see was having breakfast, thirty to fifty feet away from us.

There was one other individual there when we arrived, and by the time our fingers reminded us of the dangers of frostbite, there were approximately twenty or so birders with their cameras with the expensive telephoto lens, and their tripods with Swarovski spotting scopes, and the classic tool for the birder, binoculars (I’m not poking fun at them, I’m just jealous).  So… if you are planning to head up to Portland, maybe you want to check it out, or not. How long will she/he be there? Your guess is as good as mine. Just find the parking lot and look for a flock of birders.

Great Black Hawk with breakfast

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