Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

… Here I start a story about me. I live in Quincy Massachusetts. I have lived here for roughly ten years, but have lived in the Boston vicinity for thirty years. Originally, I grew up in New York, and spent most of my education in private schools in western Connecticut, and mid-state New York. I will at some point share some of those stories, but for now we are starting a new chapter.

It is the first Sunday in December, and I have been blessed Wollaston Beach.with a cold overcast rainy day of New England weather. So today seems like the opportune time to begin this blog about my journey out west in which I will convert my small suv into my mini camper, and visit our national parks. I have always had a passion for nature, and camping and have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work in a non-profit organization with their focus on conservation and education. I do plan to post some of the past camping and photography I have already done.

My intentions are to share my experiences through blogs, photography, and video. I’ll share some of the stories from people I meet (with their permission), the places I go, the wildlife I photograph (if you are a birder, you should love this), the equipment I use, and the food I will eat, but don’t expect a IMG_1541.jpglong winded review of each and every product I use. You can find plenty of info on that stuff all over the internet. This is also not a site for politics, but just the opposite. So please don’t make any political jokes, slander, etcetera. I will just delete them.

I plan to hit the road the end of January. So until that day comes, you can follow the conversion of my car to camper, the solar setup, and the clothing, food, hygiene and safety related supplies I intend to bring with me. I look forward to hearing, learning and hopefully meeting, the nomads, boondockers, nature enthusiasts, campers, birders, and everyone else who shares the same passions I do…. Peace!



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